Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Girl!!!!!!

Little Miss Tajia's Birthday was November 18th. We had a little party for her on the 22nd. This is Tajias big present this year. she LOVES it. She is always wanting to ride it. this is her first time out side with it. She thinks she is SO cool when she is riding it.

Tajia giving Owen a right ride down to the dairy he was cold and didnt last very long....

The four wheeler has a fast speed which is way to fast for her by her self, and then a slow which is still a little fast. but on the way to the dairy we had it on high speed, so Ashlyn and Alyssa had to help her.

Anyone who knows Tajia, knows that she LOVES cows. everytime grandpa leaves the house she wants to go see the cows or woo woo's as she calls them half the time. So, I looked in some books and decided to challenge myself and make a cow cake, this is how it turned out!! I think I did a pretty good job for my fist time frosting a cake like this.

Tajia taking her first lick/bit of her cake.

This is another toy she got for her birthday and treats it like a baby. She is kissing it in the next picture. and she will hold and bounce it saying sh shh shh shh. its so funny.

Opening presents......

earings...she was excited!!! (like the cake still on her face?)

Thanksgiving fun....

This thanksgiving all the grandkids at my mom house made candy turkeys ., they had a blast... When my mom was giving the kids the candy pieces, Tajia kept stealing Owens and eating them....Owen was not happy. Those two are always thinking how to make the other one mad.
Yeah....she's saying cheeeeesssee just not looking at the camera or giving a real smile. holding her turkey she made.

Around the house....

Last week my mom took parker to his Dr. apt for me while I was working. When I called her to see how it went she told me that Parker weighs 18 Pounds!! Tajia, who is 18 months older than Parker is only 23 Pounds!!! This kid is going to be HUGE compared to Tajia. I just keep thinking how lucky I am that it happend to the boy, not my little girl!!!! Here is the swing that Tajia was in FOREVER. Both of the kids LOVED the swing, only Paker can't enjoy it as long as Tajia could because he's a little fatty. In this picture you can't really tell, but his feet hang over the end of the swing far more than they are supposed to.
I needed to give both kids a bath last night, so I thought of the brilliant idea, Ill just sit parker in the bombo seat......not so brilliant!!! I should have known just from touching it, that what it is made out of would FLOAT, but no not untill I sat him in it in the water did I find that my mom had to hold him down so I could snap a picture. Tajia could not figure out how there was water in the seat, she was so confused lol.

This next picture gives you an idea on how big Parker really is.....his head is the same size if not bigger than Tajia's....Poor guy..

Its so amazing how you think your kids are the cutest things EVER!!!!
My mom bought Dan a new book so he wanted to start reading it last night, and like any other normal day, Tajia wouldnt stop talking, so Dan decided to go in the piano room to read while my mom was decorating the christmas tree.... well of coarse Tajia wanted to be where the party was so she went and started to play the piano. She would play and sing (somtimes sing) then stop and wait for grandpa to clap and cheer for her, continue to play three more notes and look for cheering again, it was so cute!!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Pictures!!

Look at this handsome kid!!! This is the look he is always giving. SO CUTE!!!!
Tajia of coarse wouldnt look at the camera so this is the best we got.

Parker and I Well I guess I should up date every one and everything. I started a job about 2 months ago at Lakeside Dental in Moses Lake working full time. Right now im in steril, but am slowly getting trained to be an assistant for when there is an opening. I got my self a car, so im not crusing in the minivan so thats good. But other than that, im just really busy. By the time I get home, play with the kids, feed them, bath them, Im exhasted and go to bed so I can do it all over the next day!


This year Tajia was a WITCH for halloween. It fits her to a T. She had fake purple hair but it didnt last long. Parker was a spider. Ill get better pictures up soon. but here are a few. I went to Ellensburg so Tajia could be with her cousins.
Parker the spider, and Eli the monkey.
Tajia and Ashlyn

Tajia getting ready to get some more candy.

The gang

Random things.

We had a ward dutch oven party at my parents house.

Parker thinking mom is pretty funny.
This is parkers 2ND hair cut and look out much hair we cut off. This kid has some seious hair.
The other day, Tajia got really sad when grandpa left for the dairy and didn't take her. So he came back and took her for a ride. She was SO happy, and loves to go down to the dairy with papa.

Parkers Blessing Day.

Brooke and Rogers Wedding Reception!

Brooke and Roger had their reception in the back yard of my parents house. It was really pretty. Congrats you two!

Parker is an awesome baby. He has NO problem going from a bottle to nursing, just as long as something comes out, he's happy. I couldn't have asked for a better baby.

Check out this Sexy Mamma. This is Jill, of coarse before she had her baby. Full term and she looks Hott!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Parker fell asleep in his jumper sucking his fingers. He LOVES his hands!
Tajia wanted to hold her brother and just thought it was a cute picture.
This is who we call Parkie doodles! lol check out that curly hair, only if it would stay that way, but Tajia's didn't so I'm not holding my hopes high
This is the face I've been getting when I get told "I Poopie!" as she pulls at her diaper! I think its time she be potty trained!
This is what happens when you leave Tajia alone for just 2 min!! Disaster
Look how cute this kid is!

Tajia's slide and a pool from Wal-mart that the kids love!

Ashlyn just waiting for Miss Priss to move!
Tajia in action!
Owen got a tool table for his birthday all the kids had a pretty fun time playing with it.
This is how Tajia sits on Grandpas lap while they read about cow pedigrees.