Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally another update. A lot of things have been going on. Tajia can now say "Hi Parker" but after a few times she must get confused because she starts saying "Hi Parkie" haha its really cute, it almost sounds like shes calling him sparky! Parker has never been a good sleeper at night untill 3 days ago. My nephew Eli sleeps on his stomach at night, so i decited to try that with Parker, and it was amazing how well he slept. He used to get up almost ever hour and a half to two hours all the through the night, but now is only waking up twice!!!! He's starting to get chubby!!! This kid can eat!!!! here are some pictures!!!
Kids ready for a morning walk. Dont you love her glasses, she keeps them on the whole time!! Parker starts out this way but about 5 min into the walk i have to put him on his tummy and he loves it!
i missed the smile but thought this was cute anyways!
He was SO OUT!!!
Paker working on those neck muscles!
She couldnt find the bottom this time, mom had to help her up. Still didnt scare her she came up laughing!
Tajia can touch right here but likes to jump up and down. This is what her face looks like "every" time she comes out of the water! you would think her eyes would hurt or she would choke on all the water!
Tajia still not scared of water! she counts two three, two three, then jumps into the deep part. Amazingly enough she holds her breath and does really good!!! She loves it.

This is Tajia's new hair cut! Its an A line and is SO CUTE!!! the sides are a little long and need to be trimmed up, but this sure beats the heck out of that mullet she was trying to pull off.
Ashlyn, Alyssa, and Tajia just having fun on the slide. Tajia thinks its so fun to walk up the slide and try to now walk DOWN the latter, Not good!!!
We thought that this picture was cute, all three lazy boys have three tired kids!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Today is such a nice day so I took Tajia and Parker out side to play. Tajia learned how to swing on the "big" kid swing on her tummy and thought she was pretty cool!!!
As you can see Parker just relaxed in the shade!
Tajia says " I a Wing" over and over when she wants to swing! its the cutest thing ever.
Just playing with dirt!
Tajia climbing up the latter to the slide. SCARY!!!!!

Tajia has just started counting the last couple days, but she says three, two, three two, and not ONE, TWO, THREE. its backwards and shes missing the one. haha its hilarious but we try to teach her.
Going down the slide. She now likes to go off by her self and pretty much face plant right into the grass. whatever makes her happy i guess. lol
While she was playin i was tanning, untill she stole my spot!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got the kids ready for the day, and they look so cute!!!! here are a couple pictures of them
Look at those teeth!!!!

Parker Lee!!!

I thought i would take a close up and get everyones say on who he looks like. I get told he is starting to look more and more like Tajia. Let me know what you all think!
Look how nice his hair goes into a mowhak!! Cute.
i love this picture! how cute that, his little hand by his face.
mom tryin to give BOTH kids the attention they want/need!
brooke and taylor over for cake and ice cream for my b-day. like my new b-day shirt? I love it!

These two never stop!!!

Tajia and her cousin Owen are always pestering each other. Its pretty funny. Rachael and I finally just let them work it out which they do!!!!
I love this pic below, look at owens face. He is totally hating life!!!


check out this rainbow! its so pretty, i have never seen a FULL rainbow look how bright it is. i LOVE IT!
If you look close in this one, there was two of them, look to the left and you can kind of see the second one! awesome

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The two of them!

Tajia loves her new brother she can't hold him enough! It makes it kind of hard, I have to sit and watch Parker every second because Tajia will climb anything to get to him.
Always giving him kisses and loves! she intends to be really soft with him, but we all know how that goes!
Tajia was supposed to take A chip and this is what she came out with! Pretty big handfull for a little kid!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Parker Lee Taylor, was born May 27th at 1:25 AM!!! He weighed 6 Pounds 15 ounces and was 20 inches long! He has lots of hair like Tajia did but we're not sure who he looks like yet. anyways, here are a few pictures!

check out that double chin already! haha

The kids with their dad!

Tajia loves her new brother.
Just resting with mom

Tajia giving loves!

Mom & Parker minutes after birth!