Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little bit of Christmas.....

Christmas this year Oc, Rach and their kids, Brooke & Roger, Grant, and Taylor came over to our house for christmas. It was crazy! We did the chocolate fountain and ate lots of yummy food. Here are just a few pictures from the holidays. more to come later.... This picture below Eli took Parkers Pacifier and Parker was instantly mad!!
We lucked out and got this cute picture...cute little farts.
Parker lately has been sucking on his top lip, and also making this face...
The girls and our new PJ'S for christmas. We love them. Thanks mom!!!
Here is a picture of Tajia's kitchen set this year. Its kind of blurry I will try and put better one up.
Me and the little guy!
check out those unhappy faces.....WOW
Tajia the other day, climbed up on Grandpa and watched TV with him so cute. she is such a wana be of everyone.