Sunday, August 24, 2008

Parker is FINALLY starting to smile all the time now. Here are some pictures of it!

Grandpa put his socks on tajia, so she went and got his boots and then put them on too.
Tajia loving papa
The next few pictures, are Tajia at dinner. As you can see on her plate i cut some corn off the cob and gave it to her. But she wouldnt eat that corn, she had to have her OWN cob.....
She was really getting into it!!!!
She did really well for her first time!!!
The other day i put a towel on tajia and tucked the end in so she could walk around hands free she thought it was pretty neat and it has to be done everytime now!
This is parker in his jumper, he is so happy in it and his little feet just move him enough to keep him happy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding/Great Grandma Black

This last weekend was my cousin Lexie's wedding, and my cousin Nicolle was there with her little girl Kennedy. I love these pictures they are so cute!
Tajia wanted to destroy the pretty flowers. look at the face
Kennedy did not like that fact that her mom was giving Tajia her cheerios i love her face

...and more loves..... I think they are best buds!
Parker was a little difficult this trip, he kept pooing out of his diaper all over. here is grandpa holding him, he fell asleep like that cute!!
Whenever my great grandma comes around or when we see her, we ALWAYS take a ton of pictures with her to keep them updated!!! Here she is with almost all of my moms grandkids Tajia was not in the mood for pictures


The Group that went on a drive to leavenworth for the day (i was there but taking the picture). Grant, Kami, Stan, Jamie Kyler, Kayden, Kenna, Kristina, Tajia, Parker, and Mom!
This is what Tajia does every time she goes down for a nap, or bed time. This is her kissing face! SO CUTE!!!!
Tajia and her Uncle Grant who she loves very much
Parker resting like usuall
Tajia playing before we got her ready to go

At the River!

Finally a day at the river! Its pretty sad we only live 15 min away from the river and have only gone twice!! This trip it was mom, dan, grant, kami, myself, and the kids. Tajia didnt want to get off the jet ski no matter how long she was on it! she LOVED it!

Parker just relaxin in the shade on a towel
Famous face of Tajia AGAIN. Wearing her new dress by dad.