Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some times you just can't get enough of them!!!!

I couldnt decide what picture to put, then I thought what the heck ill just add them all!! This is what Tajias hair looks like after she pulls it out after I took the time to make her look cute! what can you do?!

Grandma with most of the grandkids! They all love the gator so much this is just about a weekly thing!!!
CUTE is all I need to say about this picture!
Kids playing games!

Out side fun!!!!

Well as probably non of you know, all my brothers are in town for a small summer break. My mom planned some things to do with all the kids, and making hand and feet prints in concrete was one of them. So while we were waiting for the concrete to settle up enough to do them we played in the yard. Trying to get a good foot....we'll see this morning how they look and ill post a picture of it! EXCITING!!!!
So in this picture Tajia wouldnt look at the camera for anything, so i decided to make her and just by suprise she thought it was funny! Dont mind my nasty hair day!!
Everyone working on their own trying to decorate them cute!
Kids just waiting for their turn! This weekend, Rach and OC are coming down and they are next!!!!
Tajia and Kenna (my second oldest brothers little girl)

The other day I went to Tri-Cities to get some stuff and I finally was able to get a picture of Parker smiling!! look how chubby this kid is!! Oh I just love it! Tajia wasnt this fat this young and I love fat babies!!!!

Play time with Daddy!

Brycen and the kids having a good time playing.

cutest playing dolls with Tajia!
Some swinging

I took this profile picture so we could see how much he really looks like him.....well he's pretty much his "mini me"
Tajia standing on his hands then falling. She loved it and they had a good time with dad!

Little All Star!!!!

So I thought this was the cutest outfit with the hat and all so I had to take some pictures and I LOVE THEM! He is just the cutest thing ever!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another day in the sun!!!

Last week we went swimming two days in a row! The first day, Tajia only jumped in once, but the second day she was crazy!!! She would just walk to the edge of the pool or diving board and jump right in, whether someone was there to grab her or not.
Getting ready to jump!!!!
See, she just jumps in!!!
The gang!

the two bugs sleeping after a long day of swimming!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Rachael and the kids came and stayed with me the day after i had a scary morning. (posted below) and since we dont have an AC unit we went swimming at the Hodges house for a couple hours. it was a lot of fun! Tajia of coarse is not scared of water, so I put a life jacket on her right as we got there i thought she was just going to jump in, and at first she didnt! As we were just getting ready to start picking up to go home, Ashlyn said something about Tajia and rachael yells "KRISTINA!" and jumps in I look over and Tajia is floating on her back in the pool holding her breath even though her face didnt have any water on it! haha She is so brave!!Ashleyn said she just stepped off and away she went under water then because of the life jacket went on her back and wasnt even crying. just calmly holding her breath on her back. Once i got her out she started to kind of fuss but she did so good holding her breath! all the practice we get in the hot tub paid off! Its amazing how you can be laying right on the edge of the pool and something like that can happen that fast, thank you life jacket!!!!
such a normal face for Tajia!!!!

Parker just layed there sleeping most of the time enjoying the nice day!


I had the MOST scary morning of my life!!! Tajia woke up at 6:30 am, which is WAY early for her, so I just put her in bed with me. I dosed off and then all the suddon woke up cause I smelt smoke! At first I just thought some neighbors were burning something, so I opened my bedroom door and went to walk into the hall way, and the whole house was filled with smoke! (Not black smoke, it was like when you cook bacon, its just kind of a haze look, but definatly smoke) I FREAKED OUT! I jerked both of my kids out of bed and ran out side (i was home alone with my two kids which was even more scary) We get out side, and I walked around the house, no sign of a fire. So I peeked my head in the door and new that there wasnt a full flame fire, or else the smoke would have been a lot worse. So I went back in (I know call me crazy) and walked around, couldnt find anything! still stunk and was still smoky! I had my cousin come over and watch my kids while I was trying to find out what was wrong. After searching for EVER, i finally found out that my parents AC unit broke in the middle of the night, it was trying to make it work and it wouldnt so it started to smoke. It was a good thing I shut the brakers off to the power, cause the fire cheif said it would have been an electrical fire! SCARY!! the feeling of being by your self in a house thats on fire with two kids your responsible for to be save, was the most awfull feeling ive ever felt! Im glad that i was able to smell the smoke enough to wake me up and do something about it!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home photo shoot!

So im pretty much feeling guilty because we took professional new born pictures of Tajia when she was just weeks old, and Parker is 6 weeks old and havent gotten professional ones done. So i decided to take some my self for now. some turned out and some didnt but these are some of the best we got.
Rachael gave this little church outfit to me, it was ownes. SO CUTE!!!!!! thanks Rach I love it.
Poor little guy was done!!!
Not a very good one of Tajia but thats seriously the best one!
Tajia was feeling left out, so even though she wasnt dressed up, we still took some of her. she felt pretty special then.
Now that i have two kids i feel like Tajia doesnt get enough attention from me, so i get parker to sleep and read her books before i put her to bed, she LOVES IT!! sometimes it only last one book, and other times, she will sit there and let me read her all of them about two times each!!! She loves to read books, and i really enjoy reading them to her.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vaseline & Kids......

Today was an eventfull day as far as being the mom of Tajia! This morning, while my mom was in the shower, and I was checking my email I could hear Tajia playing in the front room. Then all the suddon she got really quiet. I kept calling for her and as usual she never came or answered me. So I knew right a way she was doing somethin she knew she wasnt supposed to be doing. So as I walked into the front room, I found Tajia with Parkers Vaseline. I took the Brand New jar away from her, and noticed an insignificant amount gone, put it where she couldnt reach it, but then couldnt find out where she had rubbed it. About 30-45 min later, in walks Bailey with 2 handfull size globs of vaseline rubbed on her back!!!!!!! Well, I went to visit one of my friends and had to put the vaseline back into my bag. When I got back home I forgot to either, put my bag where she couldnt reach it, or take the vaseline out!! mom starts yelling my name and telling me to come quick. Bailey must have not been around this time because this is what I walked into!!!!
All over her cheak and eye
In her hair, its still nasty and oily even after a bath!

Baileys back...