Monday, May 26, 2008


Tajia has always really liked water, her baths, grandmas hottub, everything. Rachael and I went to wal-mart today to get some formula for my neph. and I saw this little swimming pool for FIVE dollars so we got her one! SHE LOVES IT! Here are just a few pictures of her swimming. We filled up her pool with grandmas hottub water so it was nice and warm for her.

She got really brave and would get out, and run towards her pool then just fall face first into it!!

There must be a finger print on my lens, so incase your wondering why its kinda foggy ill fix it!

She is getting better, but she doesnt really like being on her back at first so it takes a while to get used to it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Alright everyone, here I am!! I only have 18 days to go before my due date! Tajia came 15 days before my due date, so we will see. Im feeling good though, he is definatly getting bigger, he hurts me every time he moves so thats no fun, but we are looking forward to meeting him soon!!! Ill keep to posted as to when he decides to come!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This picture doesnt do justice!! Tajia got a hold of a blue crayon today and colored all down the hallway walls and doors, while walking to find grandma in her bedroom!!! I was laughing so hard I couldnt get mad so it will probably happen again. good one in know!

While uncle Grant was home!

Happy Birthday Grant!
Tajia helping uncle grant mow the lawn! she loves outside! while Grant was home, Tajia was his little buddy! she was so good when he was around and went everywhere with him. Uncle Grant misses her now that he's back at school.

Tajia kept using her hands to eat, so Grant thought it would be fun to teach her how to just take a bit right off the plate, its now her new thing, no more forks or spoons. All she needs is a plate of food!


A while back back, we went to Seattle and stopped by the Tupil fest and took some pictures!

Pictures around the house!

Tajia loves to play with grandmas measuring cups. Flour everywhere!
Don't remember when this was takin, but I thought it was cute!

Rachael sat Tajia on the chair with her blankie and paci, and she just fell asleep. (not normal)

These two pictures are taken at Stan and Jamies house when we went to visit

Tajia LOVED Kaydens birthday cake.

At the Dairy!

As most people know, Tajia LOVES the dairy and the cows!

Easter Time!

Every easter, we hide an egg for the adults with $20.00 in it. Oc was the lucky one who found it this year!
Joel and Jill, just being them selfs!

After Tajia collected a few eggs, she finally figured out there was something in them and learned how to open them. egg hunting was over!

Mom tryin to teach her the idea of easter!

All of the Grandkids ran out side all excited, so Tajia started running, not knowing why im sure!

Inside, ready to go!