Saturday, September 27, 2008

Parker fell asleep in his jumper sucking his fingers. He LOVES his hands!
Tajia wanted to hold her brother and just thought it was a cute picture.
This is who we call Parkie doodles! lol check out that curly hair, only if it would stay that way, but Tajia's didn't so I'm not holding my hopes high
This is the face I've been getting when I get told "I Poopie!" as she pulls at her diaper! I think its time she be potty trained!
This is what happens when you leave Tajia alone for just 2 min!! Disaster
Look how cute this kid is!

Tajia's slide and a pool from Wal-mart that the kids love!

Ashlyn just waiting for Miss Priss to move!
Tajia in action!
Owen got a tool table for his birthday all the kids had a pretty fun time playing with it.
This is how Tajia sits on Grandpas lap while they read about cow pedigrees.


Considering Tajia is still really small, she couldn't go on any rides that Ashlyn and Alyssa went on but then finally we found one that if Ashleyn took her she could go. Ashlyn I think loved it and felt like a "big" adult!! lol
This one I tagged along but thanks to OC it looks like the kids went all alone!! Perfect!
The famous slide at the fair! Its been SO long since I had been on this. OC and I had a blast taking the kids on it!!! We went like 3 times I think.
This picture is SO cute, OC and I were walking to take these two kids on some rides and they were holding hands....priceless

Pictures I forgot to add last time!

Here are some pictures that were suppost to be added last entry!!