Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Girl!!!!!!

Little Miss Tajia's Birthday was November 18th. We had a little party for her on the 22nd. This is Tajias big present this year. she LOVES it. She is always wanting to ride it. this is her first time out side with it. She thinks she is SO cool when she is riding it.

Tajia giving Owen a right ride down to the dairy he was cold and didnt last very long....

The four wheeler has a fast speed which is way to fast for her by her self, and then a slow which is still a little fast. but on the way to the dairy we had it on high speed, so Ashlyn and Alyssa had to help her.

Anyone who knows Tajia, knows that she LOVES cows. everytime grandpa leaves the house she wants to go see the cows or woo woo's as she calls them half the time. So, I looked in some books and decided to challenge myself and make a cow cake, this is how it turned out!! I think I did a pretty good job for my fist time frosting a cake like this.

Tajia taking her first lick/bit of her cake.

This is another toy she got for her birthday and treats it like a baby. She is kissing it in the next picture. and she will hold and bounce it saying sh shh shh shh. its so funny.

Opening presents......

earings...she was excited!!! (like the cake still on her face?)


Sara said...

what a doll, kris! she is so cute!

Stan and Jamie said...

So cute and fun! Your cake turned out GREAT! Nice job! And the four-wheeler cracks me up, it looks like a blast! So did the the picture re-sizing work out for you?

Ashley said...

love the cow cake!! Looks like you guys had fun!!

Royce said...

i can't believe taj is 2 now!! you did an awesome job on the cake it turned out way cute!! your kids are just so cute and always get cuter!! i will be home the 19th until the 3rd so we will definitely get together!! i love you love!

Nicolle said...

That cake is AMAZING!! You are such a betty! I cant believe that Tajia is riding a 4 wheeler, oh the joys of growing up on a farm!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Happy late birthday to Tajia. What a great job you did on the cake!

Ryan and Jessica said...

Hey Kristina its Jessica Farnsworth (Mendoza). Your kiddos are so cute! My little boy was also huge I took a picture of my kids when he was little and his head was bigger than Macey's. Don't worry he will start to thin out as soon as he starts getting around! I'm going to add you to my list if thats ok. Hope things are going good. You look great and those kids are so stinkin' cute. Take care.

Trav and Kris said...

What is it with you moms and the freaking awesome cakes you come up with?? Way to go! I wanna make cool cakes!

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